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Essential interiors for 2020

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Have you ever wondered what goes through an interior designers mind when designing a room or home? Well, we did too! So we got in contact with interior designer Amy Clarke to get some of her top tips for 2020.  

With the launch of our love your home campaign, we wanted to ask Amy her thoughts on how to further love your home and make it unique to you.  

When asked about where she begins when decorating a room, Amy advised to pick a style that you like or a statement piece like a bed, wallpaper or fabric and try to build the room from there and over time the image of the overall room will come together. She finds Pinterest the perfect platform for finding the style that you like and helping to refine your ideas for a room and also suggested searching other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.  

We also asked Amy about the current trends in interior design right now and she told us that metallic and marble are very much 'in.' But her advice is always to stick to what design you are drawn to and love. So whether that's layers, patterns, prints or ornaments - instead of following trends as trends come and go, your style and choice of design are true to you. 

To help you get a start on some of the trickier rooms in the house, we asked Amy about the three essentials to have in every living room – “A comfy sofa and cosy rug are my essentials as well as soft lighting that can be achieved by having lamps around the room." 

We also asked about essentials for the bedroom - lighting. "Bedside lights as well as a brighter lighting option so that it can be varied throughout the day with options like blackout curtains are a great addition to any bedroom. And of course, no bedroom is complete without a statement bed!" 

Top tips to help every home be more environmentally friendly were to upcycle as much as possible by doing things like painting wooden furniture and looking for vintage furniture to use. "You could even try moving some things around already in a room, which can really help towards changing the look and feel of it," added Amy.  

And when shopping for a new home the advice Amy has given is to just be aware of the type of fabric and furniture you’re buying and to do your research on what the best type of fabric or furniture is for the environment.  

And finally, the main things to avoid while decorating - "Definitely be aware of the scale and amount of furniture in a room to make sure it doesn't feel too cramped, and try to stick to one main style throughout." 

Come along to our Love Your Home event from Friday 21st February to Sunday 23rd February for more essential interior inspiration for 2020.